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Life for Levon

helping my human adjust

Life for Levon

Levon and Jeffs 1st Blog

October 23rd, 2017 · 10 Comments · Uncategorized

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So my name is Jeff and due to an accident i had to have the right front leg of one my cats amputated. His name is Levon and he’s a 3 yr old wide-eyed, chubby black cat who LOVES to have his belly rubbed and drink from any running faucet any chance he gets. We are 2 days into our journey and to be honest, he appears to be handling this much better than I am. I stumbled across this site when I googled ‘how to care for 3 legged cats’. We are looking forward to sharing our experience moving forward and hearing from others who have also traveled this path. I know I will definitely need help in making this adjustment (emotionally) and in learning how to help Levon live a long, happy life.

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  • Codie Rae

    Welcome Jeff and Levon, to the group no one wants to join! But now that you are here you will soon find out what an awesome community this is. Hop on over to the forums and post an intro over there as well (typically more people will see it) and be sure to check out the thread on Three Legged Cats, if you have not already. I have tripawd dogs so dont have much in the way of specific advice for you but I am sure some of the trikitty people will be chiming in soon.

    Emotionally, yes, Levon will be handling this much better than you 🙂 Once he is up and running again I think you will be pleasantly surprised though!

    Levon…..those hypnotic eyes…..yes…..I’m sending you those fishy treats you like by overnight mail…..

    Martha, Codie Rae, and the Oaktown Pack

  • Laura Brindza

    Keep up the awesome care and attention you are giving him! Pets love unconditionally and adjust to any situation…we rescued and gave him a home as a baby and he remembers that! Just because he has one less paw doesn’t mean he will leave ANY less paw prints on YOUR heart:)

  • kazann

    Hi Jeff, it’s great that Levon is doing so well. My cat Mona lost her leg due to cancer in 2014 and she’s doing great. You can also introduce yourself and Levon on a forum. I think more people respond there if you have any specific questions. Going through the amputation is harder on us because we don’t live in the moment like cats and dogs do. They just get on with their lives and don’t dwell on the past. Check out the cat blogs for pointers and check in with us, okay?
    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

    • catallica

      Thanks Kerren, I will definitely check out the forums because I do have a TON of questions.

  • reilly95

    Hi Jeff. Welcome to the Tripawds site and world. I am still a new Tripawd Mom. My little guy Rusty is a rear amputee but I have had wonderful support here from both front and rear amputee families. (Here is our story:

  • paws120

    Levon! One of my fav Elton John songs! Welcome Jeff and Levon. How is your boy doing? What kind of accident did he have? Do you have any pictures? There are a lot of wonderful people here, sorry I did not see your post earlier.

    • catallica

      Thanks Jackie, he is named after the Elton John song. lol He cut his lower front right leg(basically at the “wrist” joint the docs said) on a piece of broken glass so bad that he severed all the tendons and nerves. Could have tried to save the paw, but location of injury made a good recovery very unlikely. Sooo… I had to make the very tough decision. Breaks my heart. He is doing very well though. Haven’t been to forums yet, but will introduce myself soon.

  • benny55

    Hello Levon and Jeff!
    Sorry you fi d yiurself here, but you are in the best place possible for support, information and understanding!

    The first couple of weeks can be rough, so stay connected and ket me know how we can help, okay?

    Be sure and check out Tripawd Kitties threads in the forums. Tons of information.

    Jist wanted to five a wuick welcome. Can’t wait to hear more abour Levon! 🙂


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  • Purrkins

    Hi Jeff & Levon,
    Welcome we are sorry you had to find us but glad you did.

    Please take a look around the site we have a wealth of information on the site we even have section just for cats now! We have a section broke down for front leg kitty blogs and rear leg kitty blogs.
    If you are in immediate need of help use the forums, people will not always see your blog .

    Our cat Purrkins had his front left leg amputated 15 months ago due to a soft tissue sarcoma He does fantastic on #
    You can read about Purrkins on his blog.
    Cats do amazing well on 3 legs. Please know Levon is going to be the same happy kitty on 3 legs. He will be able to do all cat things on 3 legs. Recovery is usually 10-14 days. After recovery life will get way better for you all! We have provided steps for Purrkins to get to his favorite spots. We added some rugs for traction. We cut out his litter box so he can get in and out easier. Levon is s young and will adapt quickly.

    Ask whatever questions or concerns you have we will all do our best to help you & Levon get to your new normal.

    Heal Well Levon & Dad follow Levon’s lead ok, he is happy to be alive and hopping on!!
    Hugs & scratches to Levon
    Holly & Purrkins❤️

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